The admissions process requires only 3 simple steps: 

  1. Step   #1 – Admit your life is unmanageable while in an active addiction, and you want to be clean and sober.
  2. Step   #2 – Complete the pre-screening form and schedule an appointment for an intake by calling 804-340-6585 or 804-218-2088. 
  3. Step   #3 – SHOW UP!


Born To Be Great coordinates treatment, training, and transformation services designed to aid clients in navigating from addiction to making a full and final recovery.

Scope of Service

Born2BGreat Recovery provides clients with the following services: 

  • Substance Abuse 12 Step educational sessions are offered to clients 3 days per week. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 10am-2:00pm
  • Peer support /sober companion system is designed to equip those vulnerable in their recovery with the tools they need to stabilize. 
  • Court companions provide support to clients by encouraging and providing them with assistance when confronting their legal issues.
  • Assisting our clients with the acquisition of resources such as housing, food, shelter, and state benefits.
  • Image improvement and good hygiene empowerment sessions.
  • Assistance with scheduling and attending doctors/dental/ and psychiatric appointments.
  • Job readiness training, resume development, and employment acquisition.
  • Educational advancement guidance to assist our clients in acquiring their GED, post-secondary education degree or certification, and/or trade school completion
  • Financial management, budgeting, and credit repair sessions 
  • Assist our clients with attaining state issued identification, and or a valid drivers’ license.