Greater Works Coalition

John 14:12

Greater Works Coalition is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization that houses a network of substance abuse service providers and recovery support providers who are committed to helping those suffering from addictions make a full and final recovery.  This network includes community-based organizations, prevention providers, faith-based providers, and community mental health treatment centers. 

Goals of the coalition:

  1. Educating the public about the reality of recovery. 
  2. Delivering peer recovery services, case management services, and other supportive services to program participants.
  3. Advocating on behalf of the recovery community.
  4. Bridging the gaps in services and assisting program participants in acquiring the basic resources they need to achieve self-actualization. 
  5. Develop and nurture a social support network that hosts fun events including but not limited to:
  • Recovery Walks
  • Sober Super Bowls
  • Recovery Raffles
  • Other healthful events

Join the Network

Provide a brief overview of the services your program is able to offer, as well as established networking parameters.