Meet the Founder

full length picture of MiaHello I’m Mia DeJohnette, and I am addicted to helping others achieve greatness, rather than gain profit or recognition.  I founded Born2BGreat in July of 2003 and in September of that same year it was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 C 3 Public Charity. I hold a graduate degree in Professional Counseling, a bachelor’s degree in Human Service; I specialize in identifying childhood disabilities, and in helping individuals recover from their addictions.  Currently I serve as the Executive Director of Born2BGreat where I spend most of my time helping and advocating for those negatively impacted by addiction.   

Data collected over the course of 15 years, and grounded in the mission of assisting at-risk youth in successfully transitioning from grade school to adulthood, revealed that 97% of the children who we served in our Before and After School program were from households where generational addictions flourished; consequently leaving these children at-risk and creating multiple barriers that prevented them from thriving in every capacity possible. As a result, in March of 2014 Born2BGreat strategically placed a focus on helping families in their communities overcome addictions. Subsequently we were recognized by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services as licensed substance abuse providers.  Under my leadership and in conjunction with a faithful dedicated team of individuals committed to recovery, the Born2BGreat Recovery Program was launched.  Since that time we have used our expertise, earned from the successful implementation of our previous programs, to guide the fundamentals of helping in our current recovery initiative. 

The Born2BGreat Recovery Program is uniquely structured to provide its participants with a person-centered experience and the best opportunity possible to achieve self-actualization. Our ‘strength-based approach’ to  recovery hones in on client assets and equips them with the skills they need to lead a clean and sober lifestyle, learn accountability, set goals, and heal from past trauma.  We understand the needs of our participants, and while focusing our attention on their individual strengths we collaborate with them to secure safe and affordable housing, viable employment, and nurture a positive network of supporters to stabilize recovery.

My message to viewers of our website is recovery is possible but not without God and help from others. There is hope so get connected, get recovery, and start to expect greatness. 

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