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After being recognized by the IRS as a public charity in September of 2003, we took a leap of faith in January of 2004 and transitioned into a building located at 127 W. Brookland Park Blvd. in the City of Richmond. Shortly after, this location became a safe haven for community latch key kids; a hub where at-risk youth could get free homework help and at least 2 hot meals per day. Thanks to Conagra Foods and the Central Virginia Food Bank. Our first site location fed, on average, 65 to 70 kids and their families per day. 

Fast forwarding a few years and about 400 kids served later, we were noticed and subsequently funded by the Dominion VA Power Foundation, the Verizon Foundation and the Robins Foundation, which afforded our founder some financial relief in personally funding this program. Not long after receiving mentioned funding we expanded and opened the B2BG recording studio adjacent to the after-school program where we implemented a student incentive system. This incentive system provided students with the opportunity to earn free studio and recording time when they completed homework assignments, attended school daily and demonstrated favorable behavior. Student enrollment rapidly proliferated and so did their academic performance. It didn’t take us long to learn that motivation was a primary component of success. One art form and cultural activity served as the perfect motivator for inner-city kids: music. From 2004 to the current date, B2BG has been the leader in providing after-school tutoring and homework help to students in the community at no cost to low-income families. It has been, and will continue to be, our honor to effectively serve kids.  

City of Richmond Department of Social Services/ Comprehensive Service Act (CSA).

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In June of 2013 we were awarded the opportunity to provide before-and-after school tutoring to adopted and foster care children who had been identified as at-risk of academic failure. Our professional team of instructors nurtured each child and provided them with individual, specialized instruction, tailored to meet their academic needs.  The students approaching graduation who were enrolled in the program received assistance with securing jobs, completing college entry paperwork, and taking college campus tours. Annual renewal of these services requires a successful review of student/staff performance.  We are excited and proud to announce we have exceeded state expectations and have been granted our annual renewal. 

 In October of 2014 we were awarded the opportunity to partner with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act /Investment Board and served as the administrators of the In-School Youth Career Readiness Initiative.  The purpose of this initiative was to offer a comprehensive work-based learning program to ensure our 354 students graduated from high-school and successfully transitioned to either college or viable employment.  Our students engaged in daily rigorous college bound and job training activities to equip themselves with the skills and confidence they needed to compete for employment and other advancement opportunities. Trained professionals assessed students in an effort to identify strengths and barriers to success. The information gathered from these assessments continues to be used to guide student goals, meet needs, and reduce barriers to success through the implementation of intentional case management strategies.  We were informed in September of 2017 that we not only met performance goal requirements but exceeded them for each fiscal year. 

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act served as In-School Youth Administrators


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Virginia Department of Education Licensed to provide Supplemental Educational Services


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In July of 2009 we were recognized by the VDOE as licensed Supplemental Educational Service providers, assigning us the task of bringing high-quality, small group tutoring sessions to students in designated public schools through-out the state of Virginia. More than 714 students received a minimum of 27 hours of specialized instruction tailored to accommodate their individual learning styles. Delivering specialized instruction and tutoring students in small groups by trained professionals resulted in significant gains in post-assessment scores, compared to their initial pre-assessment scores. We are elated and proud to report every student passed their SOL assessment and Born2BGreat as an entity exceeded performance expectations; this was verified when school districts matched student ID numbers with our company’s, confirming each student’s SOL test performance.

These aforementioned endeavors have provided our leadership staff with in-service and pre-service training on how to successfully manage federal budgets with full fiscal transparency and surrender to strict federal and state on-site audits. Additionally, we mastered how to motivate and encourage families in our community to embrace outreach initiatives, designed to assist them in achieving self-sufficiency, intended to replace dependency on charity. Nurturing our partnerships has been critical in achieving and exceeding performance requirements, while adhering to federal and state partnerships agreements and guidance’s. Everything we have learned so far has attributed to our success in effectively helping those suffering from addictions get clean and sober, and to reach self-actualization.

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