We Get Results

The “Born To Be Great” academic program is designed to get results and we do! Our unique approach to instruction fosters academic achievement above that of our competitors. Our students excel faster in all subjects in a shorter amount of instructional time.


Testimonials of Academic Achievement:

“My name is April and I am a 5th grader. I think that tutoring helped me learn about myself. I had trouble remembering my history lessons so I put my important dates, and places, or events in an outline and studied while I did other things. Now I feel better about history class because I earned an A”.

“I had fun learning to read better and I had a (F) in reading and now I have a (B). My tutor taught me how to read and stop at periods and pause at commas. I can understand what I am reading now but before I could not”.

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you and “Born To Be Great” are doing for my son Rodney and his special education needs. You taught him that he can learn and that it wasn’t him it was the way he had been taught in the past. Rodney now has a positive attitude about his reading and math classwork and homework. Thanks again.”
---Mrs. R. Jones