Homework Tips

The benefits of knowing your child’s learning style will alleviate homework frustrations and battles while building parent-child relationships. What was once an unpleasant experience can now be empowering moments of achievement!

We will teach your child how to work independently using their specific learning style techniques.  When children know how they learn best they develop a “can do” attitude and the self-confidence to tackle learning tasks. 

Auditory Learners

  • Study in a quiet place

  • Use a tune or song to help remember information

  • Use word association

  • While reading a book listen to the audio book at the same time

  • Recite information aloud, consider recording it and playing it back


Visual Learners

  • Draw pictures

  • Underline using highlighters

  • Use flash cards

  • Study using charts, graphs or outlines

  • Color-coding your information


Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners

  • Read aloud using your finger to point to each word

  • Write things down several times to help remember them

  • Use a stress ball to play with will studying

  • Take breaks and stretch

  • Use hands-on activities, like games and objects


Additional Tips:

Some children use a combination of styles but have a defined preference for a specific one. Once you know your child’s learning style, you can help their classroom teacher with specific activities that will help your child learn best. What is really great about this is other children in the classroom will benefit also.