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Program Overview

Born To Be Great is among the highest achieving after-school tutoring programs. We offer tutoring services in reading, math, and science to students in kindergarten – 12th grade. Our unique approach to learning equips our student’s with the skills they need to master standardized testing. We begin by assessing your child’s academic level of achievement and their individual learning style. We understand that one particular learning style does not fit all; therefore our teachers are flexible and tailor instruction to maximize achievement.  

Professional Instructors

To further ensure academic achievement is accomplished, students are taught individually or in small groups. This gives our highly-trained staff the flexibility to identify learning gaps and continuously monitor student progress. Our instructors demonstrate subject matter competency in each of the academic subjects in which they teach. They are degreed professionals, self-motivated and are able to encourage and build confidence in our students.  

Types of Tutoring

Born To Be Great believes that all children are destined for greatness. We specialize in educating children on various academic levels. These levels include early learners, remedial learners, and enrichment. 

Early Learners - We help early learners build language skills, reading (decoding), and math (concepts) through interactive activities.  They are immersed in a print rich environment which promotes creativity and engagement.

Remedial - We help remedial learners by strengthening points of academic limitations. Our experienced teachers will implement anecdotal instruction which quickly remedies learning limitations. You child will catch up quickly!

Enrichment - We help learners achieve beyond their grade level. This advanced learning builds strong academic skills, solid problem solving skills and significantly enhances critical thinking. 


  • Community-Based Tutoring
  • Designated Schools
  • Site Location Tutoring


Born To Be Great specializes in helping students master standardize tests, high school entrance exams, college entrance tests, and exams such as the SAT, ACT, and PSAT. 

Our program design is based on the recommendations of The National Reading Panel and The National Mathematics Advisory Panel thus confirming our program validity and reliability. 




Individual Learning Styles


Children absorb information in a variety of ways. We call these ways learning styles. Your child’s learning style may be auditory, visual, tactile/or kinesthetic. Learning style means your child’s brain has a preferred way to accept the information taught and move it into long term memory. Knowing how your child learns is the first step in developing successful teaching strategies! “Born To Be Great” assess the learning styles of our students and then we adapt our instruction to best fit each student’s learning style; thus maximizing achievement. 

Auditory learners

learn best through listening. They prefer musical tapes,

listening to letter sounds and rhyming words. 


Visual learners

learn best through seeing. They prefer sound picture associations,

and the use of pictures with stories or objects to count. 


Tactile/kinesthetic learners

learn best when they can have hands-on experiences.

They enjoy moving to music,

or using blocks, Legos, and computers.